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Give Your Vehicle a San Diego Windshield Repair as Well as a Tint – Reduce Your Exposure with the Best Window Tinting for Auto Glass

san diego auto glass - best window tinting - window Tint San Diego and Auto Glass San Diego and san diego windshield repairThere’s no doubt. Having TintDevil Auto glass film installed is your best choice for improving the looks and comfort of your vehicle. You’ll notice the sleek, custom look as soon as the installation is complete. It’s just one of the many benefits of San Diego Auto Glass tint.

Auto Glass Tint

The sun’s heat and damaging UV rays are the main causes of passenger discomfort and premature aging of your car’s interior. Tinting glass will reflect up to 63 percent of the sun’s total solar energy. It will also block 99% of damaging and harmful UV rays.

Tint Devil Automotive Glass Films are available in a variety of colors and shades. Each offers a different light transmission level to satisfy your tinting needs. You an choose from our President’s choice INFINITY OP™, all metal film , or our Classic non-reflective charcoal and grey glass films.

Your Assurance Of Quality

All glass films used by Tint Devil® are backed by manufacturers nationwide warranty. They provide up to Lifetime coverage on select applications.

All Tint Devil Automotive Films are scratch resistant and guaranteed not to bubble, crack or peel.

Also look into our auto glass repair!

When we repair your windshield we are not just making your car look better, we are making your car safe to drive. We fix nicks and cracks and also do windshield replacements. We want to make sure that the driver can fully see out of his windshield. Your safety is a priority to us. The repairs also restore the vehicle to the original condition, keeping the factory seal intact.

We Use Only American Made Products!

Professionally installed Auto Tint, Commercial & Window Tinting

Auto Glass San Diego – Here’s How It Works

By filling the cracks and nicks with resin the windshield gets repaired. The resin replicates the chemical makeup of glass which seals the cracks nicely. The resin creates a smooth surface and refracts light. After this process is complete, the glass looks like it had never been broken in the first place! The glass is also structurally strong so you can feel confident that you and your passengers are safe.

We use a small vacuum which removes any air trapped inside the crack or chip and is replaced with acrylic resin. Curing follows, which means the resin is creating a molecular and lasting bond with the surrounding glass. This is what makes gives it the smooth surface. It truly looks as if the glass had never been cracked or nicked. Remember, it makes it just as strong and durable as it was before so you can feel confident that you are safe.

Important Note:

Windshields are made with laminated glass, as required by United States law. Laminated glass is a sturdy and flexible glass that is less prone to shattering. There is a plastic layer surrounded by sheets of curved glass on both sides. Never trust a vendor that tries to sell you any other type of auto glass!

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San Diego Windshield Repair – San Diego Car Tinting


Want a Unique Look? Make Your Car Stand Out with A Custom Look, and a Lot More with Auto Tint Glass!
Solar Gard® for car window film is a great way to make your vehicle stand out. This type of film can give your car a sleek and custom look. When you install window film you keep the fabric looking like new and keep the material on your dashboard from peeling and wearing down. Installing Solar Gard® is more than just window tint, it is high quality film that will last for many years and has a high quality look.

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Silhouette, by Johnson Window Films

Johnson Window-Tint-San-Diego When it comes to style and performance, customers should not have to choose between the two. Customers should not have to sacrifice one for the other. Johnson Window Films’ Silhouette Series is the answer to, “can I have it all?” With Johnson’s Silhouette Series you can control a verity of factors; heat, fading, and glare. Johnson Window Film is bring style and quality performance together!

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Suntek Automotive Tint

Sunteck Window-Tint-San-Diego SunTek takes great care in its formula. It creates its films with high-tech micro-thin shields with exclusive sputtered metals. SunTek films provide superior protection and superior performance. A great high-tech “all-metal” film that really raises the bar in its class.

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