Window Tinting Point Loma, California

Looking for a professional window tinting company in Point Loma, California?  Or perhaps window films for your home or business?  Tint Devil is rated best for in-shop car window tinting as well as for residential window tinting and commercial window tinting services.

We’re Point Loma’s solar control experts.  Whether you’re after comfort, energy savings, or privacy our home window tinting, commercial window tinting, and car window tinting services have your answer.

Solar Control

Light, heat, damaging UV (ultraviolet) rays.  Today’s window film technologies can deal with each separately to create the perfect solution.

  • Light A wide range of shades and levels of tint means you can set the right level of indoor light without obscuring the outdoor view.  Or distorting your view for driving.
  • Heat  Non-reflective window films block the suns heat, while metallic films reflect solar heat out in the summer and reflect winter warmth back in. Residential and commercial treatments can block over 80% of the suns energy, whereas for vehicles regulations regarding visibility limit this to around 60%.
  • UV can be all but completely blocked out.  So no more fading carpets, furniture, or car seats.  Plus vinyl and many more materials retain their like-new properties much longer.

Car Window Tinting

For a fast and economical transformation to stand-out looks, nothing beats car window tinting.  The right tint and shade also provides ideal solar control for a cooler interior protected from the fading and cracking caused by the sun’s UV rays.  Reflective metal films provide superior protection, with leading brands including Solar Gard® in steel, bronze, or charcoal.  Popular lines include HP True Grey and Quantum™.  Johnson’s Silhouette series are also popular along with their extra-durable Greystone line.  Non-metallic films can also be high-performers, with no interference to GPS, satellite radio, or cell phones.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window films reduce operating expenses in several ways.  Wherever there’s direct sunlight there will be a big energy reduction in cooling loads as well as reduced expenses in replacing faded carpet, furniture, and partitions.  And you’ll have a professional-looking building upgrade to boot.

Our Point Loma commercial window tinting services also includes installing protective coatings.  Security films such as Armorcoat are clear and nearly undetectable.  They strengthen glass and reduce shatter, for less risk of injury as well as smash-and-grab theft.  They’re also available in reflective tints, Graffiti films protect against vandalism — scratches, gouging, and spray paint.  Easily and economically replaced, they could save you thousands of dollars in cleaning and replacements.  And you can use them on most non-porous surfaces.

Home Window Tinting

Enhance your home with an unobstructed beautiful view of Point Loma scenery and plenty of natural light without the heat, glare, and fading of direct sun.  High-performance residential window tinting keeps you cool in the summer by blocking over 3/4 of the sun’s energy.  Yet it can also keep you warmer in the winter by reflecting heat back inside.

Home window tinting has been around for around for decades, with tints and shades ranging from a hardly noticeable light grey all the way to stunning gold, silver, bronze, and copper reflective films to compliment the exterior.  Dark Decogard™, a luxury line loved by interior designers, is ideal for privacy and solar control in sun porches and baths.

Tint Devil

We use leading brands and premium materials for superior optical clarity together with extra scratch and fade resistance.  You’ll have the manufacturer’s nationwide warranty.  And with installation by our expert technicians you’ll have a lifetime guarantee against bubbling, cracking, or peeling.