About Solar Gard

Solar Gard is a wonderful product that has satisfied thousands of consumers. Located in San Diego, California, Solar Gard produces amazing quality industry leading vehicle window tints, it also produces photovoltaics and unique custom coatings. Solar guard is a world leader in the habitat and construction markets. They produce architectural solar control tints that are proven to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and carbons. Selling more in more than 80 countries, Solar Gard® is also Panorama®, Quantum® and Solar Gard Armorcoat®.

Get a Custom Look and Much More with Auto Tint Glass!
There is not another company that has the look of Solar Gard® automotive window tint. Nothing looks as sleek and unique as Solar Gard.

Solar Gard® window films are available in all sorts of colors. You can pick a unique look and different light transmission levels. Make sure to check with local tint laws before installing Solar Gard or any other window film. You can get a great selection of high quality and high performance car window tint. This includes window metalized films like stainless steel bronze and charcoal, HP True Grey, and Quantum™. There is also a great selection of non-reflective grey and charcoal films.

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Professionally installed Auto Tint, Commercial & Window Tinting


Ultra Performance Series

Because of heat blocking technology with Ultra Performance, you can get total heat energy reduction in more than 5 different shades. Plus, Ultra Performance is an industry leader for clarity and unaltered visibility films. Ultra Performance uses nanotechnology and raises the bar, setting the new standard of solar protection.

Protect the dashboard and interior of your car by installing Ultra Performance. Protect yourself, as well as your passengers from ultraviolet rays which can cause premature ageing. Ultra Performance will last for the rest of your cars life, and that is guaranteed.

Features and Benefits

  • Unmatched combination of high heat rejection and high visible light transmission
  • Maintains factory glass appearance
  • Blocks more than 99% of ultraviolet light
  • Unprecedented film clarity for unaltered visibility
  • Industry-leading color stability
  • Superior glare reduction
  • Satellite radio, GPS, tire pressure monitoring system and cellular friendly
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Scratch resistant coating for maintenance free operation



Also check out Galaxie! Another high quality and great performance film that will greatly impact your driving experience. You will feel like you are in a brand new car! Galaxie is another great film that will protect you from the rays of the sun. Galaxie is an ideal film that will make your car look great, and keep you cool!

Features and benefits:

  • Bold black tint with four shades to choose from
  • Blocks more than 99% of UV rays to protect you, your passengers and your car interior
  • Signal friendly, including: GPS, satellite radios, cellular phones and tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Excellent film clarity for unaltered visibility
  • Superior glare reduction for safe and comfortable driving
  • Warranted against excessive fading or color change
  • Outstanding scratch resistant coating for maintenance free operation


SOLAR GARD® Residential & Commercial Window Tinting


Small business owners and billion-dollar Corporations understand the importance of protecting their bottom line, and Solar Gard understands this as well. You can significantly reduce your expenses with Solar Gard when it comes to energy costs; heating and air conditioning. Your employees will love the comfortable environment which could raise productivity. Installing quality film on your windows can also keep furniture from fading and keep interior looking new. Plus, the building will look sleek and professional. Get high quality long-lasting Solar Gard window films and tint installed today.

Dramatically improve the look of your building in four ways:

Solar window tint protects against ultraviolet damage


Residential Solar Film

Having beautiful and natural light in your home really improves the quality of your life. However, having too much of it is annoying and damaging to you skin and the upholstery in your home. Not to mention, having high energy bills can significantly reduce the quality of your life. Solar Gard can help by reducing over 75% of the solar energy making its way into your home. Solar Gard films can give you better control over the temperature in your home, providing a positive and comfortable environment.

Solar Gard comes with a variety of films that will fit your needs:

  • Provide extraordinary solar control with a subtle grey finish from the outside
  • Patented metallized films that provide superior heat protection in hot climates
  • Feature a glorious exterior copper finish that makes them a natural compliment to many landscapes
  • Constructed of metals such as gold, silver and bronze for optimum privacy with minimal heat
  • Protects from solar heat in the summer and also keeps interior heat inside during the winter