Window Tinting Poway, California

Looking into car window tinting in Poway, California?  Perhaps commercial or residential window tinting services?  Quality materials and installation by expert technicians matter in just about every way — appearance, optical clarity, and durability. Fortunately for people in Poway the experts at Tint Devil are nearby, and of course we’ll come to you.  We use only the leading brands for the best in appearance, energy reduction, visual performance, and lifetime.  And we always guarantee our work.

Tint Devil also offers Clearshield and other automotive paint protective coating films, as well as professional windshield repairs.

Benefits of Window Films

Tinting provides several important benefits, with quite a few choices and tradeoffs.  Stocking a huge range of options, we’ll help you make the best choice to meet your needs and desires.

  • Style  Car window tinting quickly and inexpensively gives any vehicle a custom auto look, from racy metallic to town car privacy.  Commercial window tinting can be an important part of a building update, providing a sleek and modern business exterior.
  • Solar Control Many tinting films do more than just evenly block light.  They can let through plenty of visible light while blocking most solar heat and nearly all harmful UV rays.  That keeps everything cooler, and dramatically reduces fading.
  • Security All window films provide a little extra durability, but many are specially designed to improve safety and security.

Poway’s Professional Window Tinting Experts

Poway Car Window Tinting

You can have a cool ride in more ways than one.  Car window tinting quickly provides stand-out style while blocking as much as 65% of the sun’s heat.  It also blocks 99% of UV rays so your dash, armrests, and seats won’t fade or crack over the years.

You can choose reflective metallic finishes such as bronze and stainless steel, or non-reflective finishes in seemingly endless shades from light grade through charcoal and black.  Our metal brands include Infinity OP™ & SunTek ), and our non-reflective films come from leaders such as Galaxie™ and Johnson’s Greystone.  The worldwide leader, Solar Gard®, produces both metallic and non-metallic automotive films.

Our premium-brand installation by expert technicians assures outstanding optical quality.  For your satisfaction, we apply only scratch-resistant tinting, and guarantee our work against bubbles, cracking, and peeling.  Many of the products we install also have a nationwide warranty from the manufacturer.

TIP:  Reflective tints look great, but can sometimes interfere with tire pressure monitor, GPS, cell phone, or satellite radio reception.


Leading Brands

All non-metallic window tints don’t degrade GPS, cell-phone, and tire-pressure transmissions. Greystone Premium metal-free films from Johnson are more durable and longer lasting than many lesser brands, combining a great appearance, optical clarity. and exceptional scratch resistance. Other non-metallic and metallic products we provide include world-leader Solar Gard®, SunTek, Galaxie™, and InfinityOP lines.

Commercial Window Tinting Services

Whether part of a modernizing project, tenant improvements, or as a stand alone energy-efficiency upgrade commercial window tinting is a highly economical alternative to replacing windows.  You’ll improve visual and thermal comfort while simultaneously saving big on air conditioning costs, blocking as much as 80% of the suns heat while maintaining the benefits of natural day lighting. Many of our Poway business customers choose Solar Gard® as the industry leader with worldwide reach, and some even go with their stunning copper finish commercial window film.

Special clear-coat films such as Armorcoat are specifically for safety and security.  They’re almost invisible yet they increase shatter resistance and hold broken glass together for reduced storm damage, less likelihood of personal injuries, and reduced theft.  Another category of specialty products, graffiti film, protects windows, glass doors, and mirrors from gouging and spray paint.  Once the damage is done, they’re easily and inexpensively replaceable.

Residential Window Tinting Service

Looking for a new look or some potentially substantial energy reductions to save money?  Residential window tinting is a great alternative to patio door and window replacement when the frames are in good condition.  Home window tinting keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, actually improving comfort year-round.  How’s that possible?  Special films block out 60, 70, even 80% of the sun’s summer heat while letting in plenty of light and allowing scenic views with open blinds and drapes.  In the winter they reflect back radiant heat, reducing heat loss by as much as 30%.

You can also add privacy and a great new look to your Poway home.  Decogard™ is especially popular for sun porches, combining solar control with designer looks and darker shades provide stylish privacy in the bath.

Want to keep wide-open views?  The sun’s UV rays (ultraviolet light) harms your skin, and also cause furniture, rugs, artwork, and more to fade.  But no worries, window films can also block out nearly 100% of UV light.