Graffiti Guard – The Answer to all kinds of Damage, Wear and Tear, and Solar Rays.

GraffitigardVandalism and wear and tear is a killer to any surface that is exposed to the public. Graffitigard® is the answer to the question, “can I protect against this?” Vandalism and graffiti can be an expensive ordeal and is becoming more common in high populated areas. San Diego tinting Graffitigard is similar to a safety film product, it is clear and you can easily remove it. Graffitigard can guard surfaces against spray paints, gouging, scratches, and wear and tear.

Barrier Against Damage

After Graffitigard has been implemented, it creates a strong and clear shield against vandals. You will save thousands on clean-ups because you can quickly and easily remove it after an incident, then you can just as quickly and easily re-apply a new piece. Choosing Graffitigard means shielding your property from vandals.

A Solution to Sun Damage

Getting your windows tinted is not just about keeping the place cool or warm, it is also about keeping the sun rays from damaging fabrics or other materials. Get a San Diego tint on all of your windows to keep the damaging sun rays out.

Graffiti Guard:

Get San Diego Tinted then Put Graffitigard to work protecting glass doors, elevators, transit shelters, bus windows, information kiosks anywhere!


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SolarGard® Graffitigard

Protect Public and Private Property

Solar Gard’s Graffitigard has satisfied many customers. TintDevil is qualified and experienced in installing this protective and durable film. Graffitigard with work hard to protect your interior and exterior glass windows and mirrors, and any other non-porous surface. It is virtually invisible and extremely durable. Remember, Graffitigard is easy to remove and easy to replace after vandalism, paint, key scratches, and much more. You will save thousands on clean-ups!

Also, use Graffitigard to protect store windows, high-way overpasses, and much more! Customers are extremely satisfied by Graffitigard because it is extremely cheaper and faster to replace it then to have to higher clean-up crews. For residential and commercial, Graffitigard protective films is the best product on the market!