Professional El Cajon Window Tinting

We’re El Cajon’s window tinting experts.  Whether for car, home, or business we provide top-quality products and flawless installation for the very best in looks and performance.  No matter if your priority is solar control or style, we have what you need.


Car Window Tinting El Cajon

Automotive window films give your vehicle a new sleek and custom look.  And they can do a lot more.  Besides providing privacy and keeping the interior cooler, they block harmful UV rays that would otherwise fade fabric and cause vinyl to dry and crack.

The premium car window tinting products we use provide extra protection against premature aging of the interior, blocking as much as 65% of the sun’s total energy and up to 99% of the UV rays.  They offer glare reduction and great visual clarity in a wide range of colors and shades, reflective metal as well as non-reflective.  Along with superior scratch and fade resistance.

You’ll choose from our stock of leading brands and popular lines such as Galaxie™ , Infinity Op™, Johnson, Silhouette, Solar Gard®, and SunTek.  Metalized tints include stainless steel, bronze, charcoal, and grey.  Non-reflective tints include grey, charcoal, and black.  With our installation there’s simply no bubbling, cracking, or peeling and you’ll have a nationwide manufacturer’s warranty.


Commercial Window Tinting

Our commercial window tinting services help protect your bottom line.  Rejecting the sun’s heat, their energy reduction saves you on your air conditioning bill.  With more comfortable temperatures and reduced glare your employees are likely to be more productive.  And with damaging UV blocked, furniture and carpet fades far less.  They’re also a practical and economical to update to a more modern exterior without the expense of remodeling.

In addition to solar control tints, we offer security films that guard against smash and grabs and reduce broken glass hazards.  Many Armorcoat films have met Consumer Product Safety Commission impact testing requirements for protection you can depend on.  We can also install Graffitigard, an almost invisible film that protects against paint, scratches, and more.  It’s quick and inexpensive to replace.

Residential Window Tinting

Solar Gard (r) and other leading brands of home window tinting provide long-lasting beauty and comfort.  They let in natural light yet block the sun’s harmful UV without obscuring your view, protecting fabrics, carpet, artwork, and more.  They also form a heat barrier, rejecting summer heat yet retaining indoor heat in the winter.  Our expertise and experience lets us find the right balance of light transmission, energy efficiency, comfort, and looks.

Your choices range from a subtle gray that’s hardly noticeable from the outside to gorgeous copper, gold, silver, or bronze reflective finishes.  These reflective coatings offer the greatest energy savings and provide extra privacy for bathrooms and sun porches.

Tint Devil

We’re El Cajon’s best choice for quality, long-lasting, high-performance window tinting services.  Our experts will help you choose the right technology and the right look, followed with installation by expert technicians.


We Use Only American Made Products!

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