Expert Window Tinting Services Ocean Beach, California

When you’re after solar control or a great new look, window tinting in a great economical option to replacing windows and auto glass  Our shop, less than 20 minutes from Ocean Beach, is known throughout the area for car window tinting installation by expert technicians.  And our field experts deliver outstanding home window tinting and commercial window tinting.

You Can Count on the Tint Devil

We take great pride in all of our tinting services, standing behind every job. The Devil uses only top-ranked window films that are fade & scratch resistant and have nationwide manufacturers’ warranties.  Some are even guaranteed for life.  Take your pick from a wide range of tint and shades, including non-reflective, reflective, and exceptional all metal window films.  All have outstanding visual clarity and we guarantee that our installation won’t bubble, peel, or crack.

Car Window Tinting in Ocean Beach

Most people choose car window tinting for great looks and privacy.  It can certainly transform the appearance and even the style of just about any vehicle, but there’s other reasons as well — the double-benefit of solar control.  You can block over half of the sun’s energy for a cooler interior and less glare.  And you can block some 99% of UV rays to keep your dash, interior fabric, vinyl, and leather looking like new far longer.

We’re your Ocean Beach experts with a huge inventory.  Dyed tints are economical and come in the darkest shades, but are less effective in solar control and do slowly fade, so we now recommend carbon types.  You’ll have your choice of shade and tint from light gray to charcoal and “black.”  These non-metallic films never interfere with cell phones, satellite radio, or GPS.  Or go reflective with options such as stainless steel and bronze looks.  Or choose from the latest in ceramic films.  We’ll find exactly what you want among leading brands such as Galaxie™, INFINITY OP™, Johnson, Galaxie™, and SunTek.  Our pros can also apply protective coatings such as Clearshield® to protect against insect stains, scratches & nicks, and small debris damage.

If you have any dings or small cracks, our windshield repair experts can return the glass to it’s original strength and appearance.  Or as needed we can replace the windshield and seals.  Whether or not we replace your auto glass we can perfectly match factory tints to save you money.


We Use Only American Made Products!

Professionally installed Auto Tint, Commercial & Window Tinting

Ocean Beach Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

With SOLAR GARD® and other leading brands of commercial and residential window tinting films you can rejuvenate your home or business without the expense of replacing windows.  And our installation by expert technicians make sure that everything is done right.

Commercial Window Tinting

Besides a modern and professional appearance with commercial window films you’ll see significant energy reductions, reducing cooling loads year round without loosing.  And carpet and furnishings will last a bit longer.  It’s perfect for west-facing Ocean Beach businesses.

Specialized security films such as Armorcoat improve shatter resistance for occupant safety, reduced wind and storm damage, and deterring smash-and-runs.  Graffiti films like Graffitigard® are clear, can be applied to any non-porous surface, and are easily removed and replaced.  They protect against vandalism such as keying and spray painting as well as general wear, scratching, and gouging.

Home Window Tinting

Depending on your desired balance of solar control and visible light transmission, residential window tints can go from hardly noticeable (for the best in Ocean Beach vistas) through gray and on to black for complete privacy.  Decogard™ is a luxury designer choice, ideal for sun porches.  Metalized films give you options of gold, silver, bronze, and designer copper.  By blocking most solar energy they let you stay cooler in summer while still saving on air conditioning bills.  But they also reflect back indoor IR (infrared light) to keep you warmer in the winter as well.  And you can stop nearly 100% of the suns UV rays that fade furniture, carpets, rugs, photos, and artwork.



Leading Brands

All non-metallic window tints don’t degrade GPS, cell-phone, and tire-pressure transmissions. Greystone Premium metal-free films from Johnson are more durable and longer lasting than many lesser brands, combining a great appearance, optical clarity. and exceptional scratch resistance. Other non-metallic and metallic products we provide include world-leader Solar Gard®, SunTek, Galaxie™, and InfinityOP lines.