Paint Protection

San Diego auto glass - window repair in san diegoClearshield Paint Protection Film

The most vulnerable areas of a vehicle have an extra measure of protection from:

    • Insect stains and abrasions
    • Scratches and nicks
    • Small road debris damage
    • Winter road salt and sand

Clearshield offers the next generation of protection for a vehicle’s paint finish – whether to preserve a vehicle’s appearance, minimize leased vehicle turn back charges, or to protect your vehicle from debri damage and save you money on repairs.


Clearly, the Best Protection You’ll Never See!

Clearshield® is the latest advanced development in protection for automotive paint finishes. This clear, tough protective film is your best defense against the everyday road hazards that can damage or destroy your vehicle’s painted surfaces.

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Newer, Longer!

Clearshield, manufactured using industry-leading 3M™ paint protection film, is an 8 Mil thick, durable urethane film that is pre-cut to fit and applied to the most chip and scratch prone areas of your vehicle to help prevent paint finish damage.

Kiss Your Bra Goodbye!

This innovative new product from 3M provides an invisible defensive barrier to help protect your vehicle’s paint finish from: Insect stains

Stones and gravel; Small road debris; Winter road salt and sand.
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Venture Shield Clear Bra and Headlamp Protection Products


Our Clear Bra and Headlamp Protection Products can help protect your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or motorhome from the perils of the environment that they live in. We can provide top of the line paint protection and headlamp products. Check out our extensive library of “kits that fit” that will provide a layer of protection against rocks and debris, bug acids, and weathering. The skintight fit does not detract from the original appearance of the vehicle nor does it require any special maintenance.


* Maintenance Free!
* Virtually Invisible!
* Wash & Wax As Usual
* Great For Leased Cars
* Won’t Harm Factory Paint
* Can Be Safely Removed
* Clear-Coated Films
* Doesn’t Peel, Crack or Fade


Our Paint Protection Products are made from a rugged eight mil (.008″) clear polyurethane Protective Film. This clear bra durable material made from an abrasion resistant elastomer that resists punctures, tearing, abrasion and corrosion. It is formulated for resistance to ultraviolet light, corrosion, abrasion and minor impact damage. Our films are constructed with a long-aging, solvent resistant, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is protected with an easy release poly liner (Invisi-Mask film only). Never before has a product been invented that provides so much protection with such low visibility and ease of installation.

clear bra