Tint devil tinted the windows on my 01 accord about 6 months back and the tint is still blocking the suns death rays from entering my cockpit. They did such a good job and in so little time. They told me about 2 hours they were done in an 1:30. Pretty rad right? They even told me about a certain part of my window that would create air bubles so offered me an alternative to make sure I was happy. This truly shows they care about their customers and the quality of thier work.... Oh wait there's more!! The price was beyond compare. So little for such quality work? I've come to the conclusion that they're truly passionate about their business. Honestly I felt like I was stealing. What's up with that man? Haha anyways everyone flock to tint devil!! You won't be disappointed!

TINT DEVIL IS AWESOME!!! I had John Tint my new Ford F150 last summer during the heat wave and what a differance!!! After talking to John I also learned that he tints residental windows too and living in El Cajon I thought it would be a good idea to help cut down on the heat. It was a GREAT idea!!! My house is WAY cooler on the hot days!!! I highly reccomend Tint Devil to all my friends!!!!!

Excellent Work. Took my second vehicle here to get tinted because I liked the job on my wife's car. They were able to match the front Windows exactly to the same tint as the rears. Couldn't have asked for better service/quality.

I've came here for many years with many different vehicles. Always a awesome job and never a problem. Tint still looks the same as it did the day it was done. You may pay a little more here but you get what you pay for and I'm willing to pay for perfection.

Tint Devil has done the tint on ALL 3 of my cars. I have been coming here for more than 10 years. He has always done right by me and goes above and beyond in service. Fair and honest..what else can you want from a business. Thanks John, I appreciate everything you do.

WOW WOW WOW! What a great job John did at my home! I needed 5 huge windows tinted, and he did a perfect job! We discussed what my objective was, and he had a couple of suggestions on which product to use. He was timely, courteous, clean and fast! If I need other tint products, he will be the only one I call! LOVE IT!!!!

I took my Scion xb to Tint Devil on Miramar Rd. John was super nice, gave me a good quote. He said it would take a couple of hours, so he drove me back to my office a couple of miles away and even picked me up after work to get my car! Well, my car turned out beautifully! The tint is perfect, the temp in my car is cooler and it looks awesome! I am very happy with Tint Devil and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good job at a good price.

These guys really know how to tint a car. My car looks so good with the new tint. I will be awesome this summer keeping the sun out. I highly recommend them.

I am a big Fan of this place, and for very good reason. I Have Never had a single problem with my HP Tint and it is looking as New even for 4 yrs. strong (no signs of peeling, bubbling, or fading). The owner is really down to earth individual. Don't cheap out on tint. You honestly get what you pay for so upgrade to the best if possible. There are many factors that contribute to tint longevity. Car care is the largest factor and product selection is the second.

Best place to get your windows tinted. Been coming here for years and have had really great service from John. He will redo your tint if you are not satisfied for any reason, even if its just a tiny bubble he will fix it. Unlike some other places they actually tint all the way to the edge of your windows leaving no space.

I just bought a new 2013 civic and brought it here to get tinted. I have brought my last 2 cars here and they always do a good job. They don't leave that gap at the top of the window like other tint places around town. I have always brought my cars here because John does a great job every time.

John was extremely helpful. Very professional guy who took care of my the same day and did it in less than 3 hrs! There were 2 customers ahead of me that he also took care of honoring the lifetime warranty. He also honored the $30 off discount posted on yelp! You're in good hands with this guy!

Pros - Extensive experience, highest quality materials, competitive pricing, guaranteed work, central location (Miramar), and fantastic service

Cons- None

I am a car enthusiast and DIY guy. I have done the majority of work and maintenance on my vehicles from engine rebuilds to body work/paint. I tried to do my own window tint....once. It was a mess and ultimately required more time and money to remove it. You know how difficult to install a protective cover on your cell phone-imagine that over multiple square feet.

I have always enjoyed tinted windows for the UV protection, privacy, cooler temperatures and better look of vehicles.

I have used Tint Devil's superior service for the last 7 years. I did extensive homework on tinters around SD area and finally decided on Tint Devil. The first job they did for me was a Volvo V70 station wagon (7 windows) with 20% on the front windows and 5% on the back windows. I still own the car and the tint looks as fantastic as it did 7 years ago. The tint has not faded, no bubbles, no scratches...nothing.

Since then, the Tint Devil has tinted 4 other vehicles for me including a Chrysler mini van, GTO sports car, Chevy truck, and another Volvo station wagon. I have referred Tint Devil to everyone that has ever asked me about tint or recommended car modifications.

I highly recommend Tint Devil. Feel free to do your own homework and call around...but remember to ask about the materials that they use and ask about the guarantee in addition to the price.

This is the third time I have used tint devil,great product,great service.Will definitely recommend to my family and friends.Thanks again tint devil!

Just returned from getting my family sedan tinted. This is my 4th car I've received tinting from here and all the jobs were completed professionally. The car looks great, tint devil has tinted my previous sports coupes, an suv, and family sedans all of which look fantastic. Tint Devil has many selections of tint quality to choose from depending on your budget, when I was younger I chose the more affordable tint now that I am older I got the top of the line. I have always received compliments on my cars and I think it had something to do with the quality of tint. Thanks John!

John meekhael was really helpful he went above and beyond of a warranty from another business that did not want to cover me like I said he went above and did an amazing job in my car. I strongly recomen his business and customer service

I once again visited this fine shop and had good results again. John takes pride in his work and the finished product is excellent. You won't be disappointed if you go there.

Awesome tint job!! Ray and John really know what they are doing. I wouldn't take my most prized cars anywhere else. They are nice people and they really do quality work!

These guys have been taking care of my window tinting needs for the better part of the last decade. I go through a lot of vehicles and take all my friend's cars here. Always polite and willing to make a good deal. In most cases, I get my vehicles taken care of while I wait. So far I have not had to take any of my vehicles back for repair or replacement. I will continue to use these guys as long as they're in business.

Second car I've had done at Tint Devil and the work is excellent. John really knows his stuff and how to deal with difficult areas to tint or special window situations. He's fast and efficient. Don't go anywhere else!

John was a great guy and helpful when it came down to recommending which tint to use. He and another gentleman were able to finish the car under 2 hours. Tints came out great and covered with a lifetime warranty on bubbles or any issues that may arise.

There were a few window tinting places I could have went with, but decided to go to Tint Devil based on a friend of a friend's recommendation. I called to make an appointment, John gave me a basic quote, and he was very friendly and professional. When I went in for my appointment, little did I know there were different grades and shades of tints, and of course, price differences. The basic tint only covered lifetime warranty on peeling and bubbling and contained metal, which apparently could interfere with GPS, mobile phones, etc. Who knew! The upgrade had additional lifetime warranty on fading, had SPF/UV protection, etc., so since I plan on driving my new car to the ground, I decided to go with the higher grade. Then there was the highest quality, the high roller, mack daddy of tints, but my Mini Cooper and I didn't need all that. John helped me to understand what I was paying for, and I didn't feel like he was being a shiesty salesman trying to rip me off. John did a phenomenal job and I am extremely satisfied with the results. You can tell he takes pride in his work and has been doing this for over 25 years. I would highly recommend Tint Devil. Another satisfied customer!

My car looks awesome. Got 20 percent tint. Dropped off my car and had a great experience. Thanks